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Do's and Don'ts

The following are some of the key guidelines that would have to be followed for guests travelling on The Golden Chariot - Pride of The South.

Reporting Time
All guests on board The Golden Chariot - Pride of The South would report for the various off-board tours as per the arrangements made from time to time through the Public Address System (PAS). Guests who turn up late for the offboard tours would have to either make their own arrangements for transportation or could stay on board The Golden Chariot - Pride of The South.
Guests are requested to report for the off-board activity ten minutes before the tour starts.
Dress Code
The dress code on board The Golden Chariot - Pride of The South is casual / semi formal. The dress code for the GM's dinner on board the train would be formal.
Best to travel light when off board The Golden Chariot - Pride of The South.
Footwear – comfortable shoes / sneakers that would be suitable to walk the rough terrain at various destinations.
Certain destinations require guests to walk / climb long distances. At
Shravanabelagola, assistance will be provided to those unable to take the climb. Tour leaders should be notified to arrange for palanquins.
The Passengers Cabins
The Golden Chariot comes with 11 passenger coaches. Each of these coaches have been named after dynasties that ruled the State of Karnataka.
Distinctive styles of architecture of Belur, Halebidu and Mysore have been used on board the train and these are visible in each coach in the selection of upholstery, the colour combinations and the linen used.
Craftsmen from the State of Karnataka have painstakingly crafted all the cabins on board The Golden Chariot - Pride of The South. They depict the very essence of the State. The Linen used is made of raw silk and woven to depict the various cultures and art forms of the state.
Safety lockers are provided in each cabin for your valuables.
Every cabin on The Golden Chariot comes fully equipped with a Plasma TV for the guests entertainment. There are 6 satellite channels and 6 DVD channels. A TV guide placed in each cabin would indicate the movies that are being played and the channels that are being aired on board the train.
The air-conditioning system is centrally controlled.
Guests are requested to take special care of the carpets, the linen and other furnishings in their cabins.
The Public Coaches ( Restaurants)
Nalapaka and Ruchi are two restaurants on board The Golden Chariot - Pride of The South. The cuisine will be Indian and Continental. The guests are requested to take note of the timings of the restaurants and bar when they are announced on the PAS.
Nalapaka is named after a king and legendary chef from the times of the Mahabharata, the great Indian epic. Ruchi, a name that means fine taste in Sanskrit.
A lot of care has been taken to ensure that world-class cuisine is served to the guests on The Golden Chariot - Pride of The South. All the ingredients are of the best quality to ensure that they not only enjoy the food but also relish the experience.
The Indian cuisine served on board originates from the land of Karnataka. Our chefs will be delighted to take you through the intricate facts of this glorious cuisine.
Plasma TVs have been placed in each of the restaurants to provide guests with the very best of entertainment.
The Bar
Madira, which means the nectar of the gods is an impressively stocked bar on board The Golden Chariot - Pride of The South.
The guests are requested to take note of the fact that all consumables at the Madira would be billed for.
A Plasma TV has been placed in the bar.
The Gym, Spa and the Business Centre
This coach is equipped with a spa, a gym and a business centre.
Guests are requested to note that services rendered on this coach would be charged for.
The business centre can also be used to download music of choice to any of the compatible music players brought on board by the guests.
Other Key Facilities (Entertainment System)
The Golden Chariot - Pride of The South is equipped with a complete entertainment system. This includes 6 DVD Channels and 6 Satellite Channels.
A detailed listing of the movies and the timings would be made available on board the train.
Guests could make a request at the business centre for the movies they'd like to watch during the afternoon from the movie guide.
A fully loaded music library is also made available on board The Golden Chariot - Pride of The South.
The Golden Chariot - Pride of The South is also stocked with books that have been carefully sourced. Guests could read these books placed in all the lounges of the coaches. Guests may also buy any of these books.
Wildlife Resort
The tour on day 2 to Kabini/ Bandipur includes an overnight stay. Passengers who do not want to stay over night would have to notify their respective agents 1 week prior to the tour.
No requests would be entertained once the tour has commenced for a change with regards to this.
Passengers who wish to opt out of this tour would be provided with an alternative itinerary.
All the guests onboard are expected to abide by the law of the country. Anybody found violating the laws will be held responsible for such acts.
Discretion of taking passengers to Kabini/Bandipur rests with the KSTDC and The Mapple Hospitality group.
The KSTDC would not entertain any requests for certain activities on board the train which would violate certain laws.
Pre-boarding procedures
Passengers are requested to produce an e-ticket during the preboarding procedure. Please note that no other form of confirmation of booking would be entertained at the check-in counter. So please do request your agent/Travel Agent to issue you an e-ticket for the departure.
Passengers are requested to submit their ID proof at the check-in counter. This could be a copy of the passport in the case of an International passenger or a pan card copy in the case of a domestic passenger.
In the eventuality a guest would not want to be a part of the Bangalore sightseeing program he/she could directly report at the Yeshwanthpur Railway station at platform No. 6 by 8 pm.
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